Maggots and Worms

For most carp anglers the bag of boillies is the go to choice, be it for a quick overnighter or longer session. Particles have somewhat faded from fashion as the boillie only approach has become the norm. Maggots are a go to winter bait for many carp anglers but what about those anglers who seemingly seem to just do their own thing? They will tell you that maggots and worms are deadly baits. My friend Mr Blair never leaves home with out a tub of maggots! And on many of the Urban Banx videos maggots are the downfall of many a monster sized carp.

However, beds of spodded maggots are deadly – especially on boillie-dominated waters. Why I have no idea but they are. Dead maggots combined with spod mixes are again a deadly addition, excuse the pun.

Worms again work well. A certain Dean Winsbury caught catfish on the complex using popped up worms on a zig rig which is a very under-used method, and again a worm lowered and fee lined in the edge has caught more than its fair share of Carp and Cats.

Then there are the Perch which love a worm, and anglers I know fish for these lovely fish over a bed of chopped worm and luncheon meat.

Make no mistake, pressured carp are hard to catch. Maggots and worms provide a good alternative bait when the standard baits are seemingly not working. It is because of this that we have decided to stock both maggots and worms.

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