Top Mixed Fishing / Specimen Lake

Cackle Hill Lakes – Top Mixed Fishing / Specimen Lake

Cackle Hill Lakes – Top Mixed Fishing / Specimen Lake

The top lake has mainly been fished by pleasure and match anglers in the past, but with the netting of the SP2, we have introduced a good head of double figure carp to the existing stock of carp that have seen fish of 25 pound plus being caught. Along with the carp, we have introduced some of the cat fish that were netted from SP2 and two of these were approaching fifty pounds. Along with specimen sized Perch, the top lake on our complex offers something different for the angler to the average water.

The lake has one island and reed fringed margins, and the whole area of the lake will produce fish. With average depths of six feet, the lake fishes well through the whole year. The far end is the shallowest part of the lake and this area regularly produces big catches of carp to visiting anglers.

This lake contains:-

Carp up to 38lb
Catfish up to 80lb
Perch 6lb +
Tench 8lb +
Bream 10lb +
Chub 7lb +

And various other species.

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