Day tickets 7am till 7pm

Specimen Lakes 1 & 2
24 hours 2 Rods – £30
24 hours 3 Rods – £35
48 hours 2 Rods – £55
48 hours 3 Rods – £65
36 hours (2 days, 1 night) 2 Rods – £45
36 hours (2 days, 1 night) 3 Rods – £50
36 hours (2 nights, 1 day) 2 Rods – £50
36 hours (2 nights, 1 day) 3 Rods – £55
Day Ticket 2 Rods – £18
Day Ticket 3 Rods – £21
Day Ticket OAP/Junior – £15
Night Ticket 2 Rods – £20
Night Ticket 3 Rods – £23

Mixed Lake
Day Ticket 2 Rods – £15
Day Ticket 3 Rods – £18
Day Ticket OAP/Junior – £12
24 hours – £25
24 hours – £30

All extra rods at the bailiff’s discretion

Match Bookings Welcome


  • Nets, mats, slings to be dry on arrival
  • Saftey rigs and Barbless hooks only
  • No keep nets except matches
  • No fish to be retained, unhooking mats/cradles to be used in all instances, fish to be held below knee level. Specimen lake – 4ft unhooking mat, minimum 15lb line and 42″ landing net
  • No litter, guns, dogs or excessive noise, anglers must be responsible for their own swim and must use w.c. provided
  • Anglers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
  • No rods to be left unattended at any time
  • No tiger nuts
  • No bait boats
  • No carp over 6lb to be kept in nets during matches, they must be weighed and returned to the lake
  • The management accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to person or property
  • NO LEADERS of any sort
  • DROP OFF LEAD SYSTEMS TO BE USED. If you are unsure of what constitutes as a DROP OFF LEAD please see a member of the Fishery Staff
  • SP1 & SP2 – minimum 15lb line, 2.5lb tc rods and a large thick well-padded unhooking mat of at least 30 inches. 42 inch landing net
  • Only those particles sold ready prepared can be used on any of the lakes on the complex

Monthly Picture Competition Rules

  1. Fish must be caught at Cackle Hill
  2. The competition is run on a monthly basis, only fish caught within that month are eligible
  3. The owners will decide the winner & result will be published on the website & sent to freshwater informer
  4. It will not necessarily be the biggest fish, but the best quality picture and best looking fish
  5. Prize is 24 hours session for the best carp and the the best catfish; subject to booking availability & must be booked
  6. The name of the angler and what was used to catch the fish must be supplied

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