Specimen Lake 1

Cackle Hill Lakes Biddenden

Specimen Lake no.1 at Cackle Hill Lakes, Biddenden.

This is our main lake, it has nine swims so ensuring that the angler gets a swim with features and space. Since digging the car park end, and creating the two islands, the fishable area of the lake has increased, and with carp over 40lb and catfish doubling that the lake can get very busy.

The lake varies in depth from just over 18inches to seven foot. The lake depths vary throughout the year due to the weather and we are in the process of building some swims to make certain areas more comfortable in the wetter months.

Specimen Lake 1
Most anglers cast to the far bank but the middle and near side margins often produce fish and these areas of the lake should not be ignored. The cafe end of the lake also has some built up areas topped with gravel and in some areas there are shelves around the islands.
The depths of the lake are approx 6ft -11ft.

This lake contains:-

Common Carp 40lb
Mirror Carp 43lb plus
Grass Carp 33lb plus
Ghost Carp 36lb plus
Catfish 70lb plus

New exciting arrival for all specimen carp anglers.
41lb Mirror Carp. Introduced in to the Specimen Lake Friday 5th March 2010.

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